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Prot pally leveling guide wotlk
Prot pally leveling guide wotlk

Prot pally leveling guide wotlk

Download Prot pally leveling guide wotlk

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wotlk prot leveling guide pally

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These spec maximize threat My question is: Is it better for me to spec ret as Wotlk comes out? Trust me when I say it is incredibly tedious to level as a prot paladin. Draenei have only a Self Heal that helps during leveling and when your farming. I have been questing my prot spec pally. So far the gears that I get from quest reward and running instances has +spell damage. Stam is also the stat you should look for cause on WoTLK Melee Attacks are not that bigWotlk Advanced Prot Paladin Tanking Guide14 posts29 Mar 2014Wotlk [Guide] [PvE] A comprehensive guide to 15 posts10 Feb 2014[Guide][WotLK] Vote points and your Paladin.15 posts27 Aug 2011More results from forum.molten-wow.comPaladin Protection - PVE Tank Talent Tree 3.3.5a & Glyphs 27, 2014 - WoW - Best PVP/PVE Talent - Leveling Guide. If you prefer to go protection, then go to Paladin Protection 1-80 Leveling Talent Build This post is only the first section of the guide; other sections will be temporarily posted The Protection Paladin Field Manual (WoW-3.0/WotLK) .. DEATH KNIGHT Paladin Protection - PVE Tank Talent Tree 3.3.5a & Glyphs Dec 17, 2008 - I will however, give you a good choice of talents for leveling as protection so you have a good idea of what you are doing (I leveled my paladin A look at a few of what i think would be the best raiding specs for paladins in 3.3. [Guide]Protection Paladin Manual 3.3.5a Paladin. I haven't seenRead the Combat Ratings at level 80 thread, it explains exactly how it works. May 16, 2011 - The best leveling spec for the paladin is Retribution. PVE 3.3.5.
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